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    The alumni's mentors can provide career guidance, encouragement during the academic program, advice on important course and field words and opportunities to make professional contacts.

Students are not the only one's to benefit from student alumni mentoring programs. Such programs gives alumni an important opportunity to reconnect with their almameter. Often alumni want to become involved in activites that further promote and serve the university and being a mentor allows them to become involved. Mentoring programs also provide alumni who are not able to make substantial financial contributions the chance to give. Something other than donation to their almameter. These programs give alumni the opportunity to cultivate & recruit promising young people to their place of employement after graduation.

Engaging alumni in this type of program may lead to future financial investments in the college.

Providing platform to all to learn from other alumni is our main intenton.

From Principal

Prof. Dnyandeo P. Nathe

Every stake holder is the most important visitor to our campus. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. His visit is not interruption in our work. He is purpose of it. We are not doing favour by serving him. He is doing a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so. He is not outsider in our mission, he is part of it.

Every stake holder who visits us is not ousider, he is part of our mission

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